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GREYWOLF MINISTRIES is a holistic approach that addresses the needs of healing the body, the mind, and the spirit of individuals, families, communities and on this Earth.

This approach will ultimately provide excellence in humanitarian and planetarium care through training and education. Education of sharing the Seawater agriculture is done at different events throughout the year including a week camp out in Oregon once a year with a Tarahumara clan and friends. 

Our Vision

The vision of GREYWOLF MINISTRIES is to share on the dynamics of Seawater energy agriculture that will nourish and begin the reversal of diseases within an individual divine body, restore their mindsets to their divine purpose, and to ultimately provide excellence in humanitarian and planetarium care through training and education.

To empower the young adults in becoming the new leaders in the farming industry that will change the current nutritional value of the food we eat and the water that we drink. Through the Earth stewardship, education, and work ethics, this will bring forth new beacons of hope for good healthy communities on this Earth.

As part of GREYWOLF MINISTRIES, we offer vision in maintaining healthy choices for nutrition, and to improve your lifestyle.

  1. In recent times through God's mindset, people like Dr. Murray (1941), Don Jansen and many others are proving that seawater can be recycled back to the land to produce food that is vastly superior in nutrition and rich in minerals. The plants grown with the seawater technology are pest and disease resistant with superior vigor. Research has shown a significant increase in taste, content and shelf-life of products using this technology. Seawater has nearly the same elemental composition and concentration as human blood. Current seawater plants that we consume have 91 minerals and nutrients in them, of which we should be consuming in all of our daily food products.

Please read our Products and Ministry Page for more information.  

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