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Who We Are and What We Want to Do for You!

Edward "Greywolf" Gonzalez was given the name Antai Wolf De Azul, in the year 2000, as a Tarahumara (Raramuri) Elder/Teacher.

Greywolf has been in the farming industry off and on since the early 1990's. As part of his experience, he was given an opportunity to grow various types of sprouts and wheat grass since 2009. He was taught from Master's in this field and also through much of of his own experimenting and sampling. He is now considered an expert in growing these greens naturally utilizing Sea Water Salt to this day. It is his sincere goal is to give to you not only the best natural sprouts and wheat grass for edible consumption, but to improve your health and well being.

As he has traveled North America for last 13 years, he has taught many people whom the Tarahumaras are in relation to the history of this Earth. The different clans he has been involved in over the years has accepted him and given him knowledge of their culture to him. In turn, he returns the knowledge of his people in the growth of plant and animal life to share with the many. He accepts donations for his work and he does not share highly Spiritual beliefs of his people.

Greywolf wants for all people on this planet to be as one. To education others on the belief of being one community that lives on this Earth with no diversity. He sees the diversity even within his nation of Tarahumaras and he moves forward that the Star Nation will open the minds of all on this Earth to be one Nation of Humans.

Grey wolf's assortment of services are here for all to see and be. He will continue to travel this world as he will be in Europe and Asia in 2014 by invitation of people he knows from his travels in North America. Come and let him enter into a minute of your journey of life to learn from a very Spiritual Being! 


In 1982, Greywolf suffered several heart attacks which led him to received a Pacemaker while being in the US Army. In 1985 when he was Honorably Discharge with a Medical Service Connected Condition he began his search to find a way to reverse his health conditions and lead a normal life.

In 2006, Greywolf was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. It has been a long struggle with this disease. In 2009, He was invited to a Sea Water Organic Farm, as a plan to maintain care and get a grip on his diabetes. His eyesight was going, and he had skin cancer. As part of a three month program, to include light exercise and daily walking, while eating a regime of ONLY organic sunflower sprouts, organic green vegetables, organic fruits, and drinking water, all grown in sea water salt, his skin cancer was gone or in remission to this day, and his diabetes was so under control he no longer was taking insulin. He also lost 20 lbs during this time. He felt great!

Since then, events in his life led him back to taking insulin again, thus he has been struggling to maintain and control his diabetes. He recently went back on this program at home, in hopes to regain his health back to the fullest. He recently lost 8 lbs. and he feels much better. He hopes to have prove, once again, that on this regime of sunflower sprouts and wheat grass, and organic fruits and green vegetables, grown naturally in Sea Water Salt, that this disease may not only be controlled, but reversed.

" He thanks the love of his life, his Sacred Significant Other Life Mate and Wife, Lauren "Breath Of The Wind" Nemeth, for all her vision and unconditional love in his wondrous journey.

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