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Ministry Services

by Edward (Greywolf) Gonzalez

  • Sea Water Salt Farming Consultant
  • Ordained Spiritual Minister (See Below)
  • Totem Animal Readings (See Below)
  • Earth Stewardship
  • Native American Bead Work (See Below)
  • Drumming Circle (FREE) (See Below)

Natural Sea Water Farming Consultant

Planting and farming our food resources to nourish our bodies without pesticides is obtained by using Sea Water Salt. The application of this ancient knowledge gives you the natural herbicide to prevent insects from consuming the product before you harvest it. A one time application can last the entire season of growth. This can also apply to plants that are not consumable by spraying on the foliage. Consultant from small indoor house plants to farms.

Ordained Spiritual Minister

Tarahumara (Raramuri) Elder/Teacher and Minister. Ministering to others in communities in Northern and Southern America. Traditional ceremonies including Birth, Weddings, and Crossovers, enriched with the Ancient Ones Teachings. Special care to each individual's spiritual essence during the ceremonies, from small personal gatherings to large Raramuri Villages. Assisting other Ministers and Elders of different cultures to celebrate events, in which the energy can be sent out for all to feel on this Natural World.

Native American Tarahumara Spiritual & Totem Animal Readings

Since the time that Humans existed on this Earth, we have been led by Spiritual Guides to be able to survive. Animals of all kinds have taught us different characters and traits of Ourselves, in which we live currently. Native people of each land mass have looked at the animals and our Natural Resources to guide them in their daily life. In my lifetime of travels of this Earth, I have spent the time to observe vast amounts of animals and learn their traits, which are very close to us Humans. I share this knowledge with individuals to help them in their daily life because people do not have the time to be one with the animals on this planet and observe them. Come and learn which of these animals walk with you on a daily basis and the message they wish to communicate to you! 

Usage of the picture animal cards shown below.

Earth Stewardship

Ancient Knowledge of taking care of this place we breathe on needs to be instilled with each of us from the time we are able to think and communicate with others, until we crossover from this HUMAN form. We each need to look on how to keep this planet healthy so all can benefit to grow healthy. Consultant in restoring Arid land to Greenery. Natural Resources Consultant in the process of harvesting to replanting utilizing those resources to continue with the breath we breathe each day.

Learning together to clean up local pollution, to where the earth will benefit in Natural Nutrients, and give all living elements a chance to be alive to the fullest each day, is critical in this day and age. We invite youth and young adults to become interns here and learn about the Sea Energy Agriculture, in which they will give back to their local communities.

Native American Bead Work

Native designs and graphics found throughout the Americas to be shared and given to others to cherish. Intricate Bead Work that is done bead by bead from large to sizes of 13, from earrings to Traditional Regalia. Colors of all types, modern and old, and round to hex beads. The time to make an item depends on the length and size. Most are done upon order in person, or have been done utilizing my collection of 100+ designs. Some samples of my Artwork are shown here in this website.

Teachings of Bead Work on the Loom, Leather, and Bead by Bead, by request only. It is hands on instruction, during normal business hours.

Drumming Circle

Ancient knowledge comes when a person gets a drum and beats to the vibration of Mother Earth. This inspires a song of Praise to all that is around. Others join in in with their voices and instruments from clicking of fingers, clapping of hands, whistling, or bursts of noise from their lips. It comes to the one vibration of Mother Earth, so all can feel the rhythm of Peace and Love. The different songs abroad are sang as long as they are not Ceremonial of other cultures. Each Native Tribe has THEIR Sacred songs that they do in Family Gatherings. Anyone can attend my Drumming Circle and share in Peace and Love. Come and be part of this Vibration that Enlightens each of us to the Heart Beat of Mother Earth. This event is done at least twice a month, and in different locations.

Please contact us via email for any of the above services and price quotes. Use the "Blog" link on this site for more additional contact information.

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