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Today was a day to learn and teach about the Sea Water Salt energy and agriculture. Noting that the word "Sprouts" is refer to as "Greens" has caught me to learn more in the Organic language for this modern time which is different from 2009. Much is needed to teach others the importance of having Wheatgrass and Greens, using Sea Water Salt that will give them better nutrition in their body that equates to the benefits of consuming Coconut Milk.

The roundhouse discussion came today at Farmer's Market at the late hours and it was very beneficial to me; to be able to explain and thus learn from a fellow grower in the Organic field of "Greens". The knowledge we shared together was from the long days that I learned on the All Sea Water Organic Farm I stayed at in Central Point, OR, in 2009, for 3 months. Videos, books, lectures, and eating of only these products changed me tremendously, to which I teach others and show the other benefits of the Sea Water Salt that I use on the "Greens".

When the vegetables and fruits are grown in this mixture of Sea Water Salt and organic soil, the plants do not need pesticides to be spray on the plant because the plants grow rigor and no bugs or insects eat on the plant.

As time progresses forward, many people locally will benefit from these "Greens" and those that we see in Southern CA, and our Clan members in OR and WA!

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