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Vision of Life!

Good Day!

As I awaken today this picture showed up on my phone clear as day and I always wondered what he was thinking at that moment in time.

I found out later when he was 80 years old in my broken Spanish and Tarahumara what was happening in his life at the moment. He ask Creator/God to fulfill his wish of life and to open that door for his dreams to come forth as they were at that time in his life.

The wisdom he taught us when we were able to sit still and he had the patience of an Guardian Angel to learn are forever instill in each of our minds as we walk on Mother Earth We, his descendants, try to be Tarahumara like he was and move forth with our dreams.

This ministry is my dream to share our culture with others by the walk of my life currently in our community along the West Coast. Sharing the exchange of other cultures that i embrace on my travels of life to blossom here on the West Coast to be healthy again. So many paths to choose to be on and was chosen by others in the vast Tarahumara nation to be an elder as much as I can be each day when I wakeup.

We were the messenger and guardian nation in the Aztec empire and we flourish today with this each day as we carry culture to the four regions of Mother Earth. The messages are many that have come forth from the elders before me.

I share my culture and other customs with all those that I have met and continue to do as I walk here on Mother Earth. The Biggest Message is that we are SPIRITUAL BEINGS learning how to be Humans. The aches and pains to be in this shell somewhat is too much at times and we look at all the other entities and wish to be them. We each will have flashes of what it was to be another entity and learn to be humble and enjoy our time to be human.

In this enjoyment of life, one thing I learn was how to use clean sea salt concentrate with plants of all sorts to grow healthy products for all on this Mother Earth to keep our bodies healthy. This year our backyard garden has flourished many of the products talked about on my site, plus our plants that are not edible have grow strong in our weather around our lodge. When I taste the GMO's in food, it will make me il, so I choose to presoak as much as I can with the concentrate sea salt before consuming.

As the sea salt flows thru my human body, it makes me walk each day to my dreams and commitment to Creator; just like my Grandfather Cosme as shown in today's blog for all my brothers, sisters and clan. Until next time, walk in the wonderments of life here on Mother Earth! Wesak!

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